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Full Service Digital Marketing

From creating a targeted strategy that will drive revenue to virtual high-fiving over the results, we act as your company’s in-house digital marketing team. 

Results. Returns. Repeat.

A digital strategy is like training a temperamental terrier: it requires focused efforts, lots of tracking, a dash of patience, an eye for filtering out terrible advice, a heaping helping of discipline, and before you know it you’ve got yourself a profit puppy. As a full-service digital agency, we’re there with you – whistle and dog treats in hand, ready to go the distance.

Digital Services

PPC Management

From search to social we run campaigns that will attract the right kind of buyers to your site and help them make the purchase decision. 


Get your website to appear when decision-makers are searching for it, and make sure they have a great experience with it.

Email Marketing

Cultivate your young leads so they’ll grow into strong healthy customers with dynamic automated campaigns. 

Data Tracking

We track everything and everyone that goes in and out of your website and organize it into simple reports unlocking powerful marketing insights.


  We craft creative copy that will convert users wherever they’re at in their relationship with your brand.

Web Design

Nothing loses trust and makes customers want to flee to competitors faster than a terrible design. Keep your site’s design up with the times.

Custom Development

Make customers happy to use your site with custom features that help make your site engaging and relevant to them.


Put on your waders and let’s get into the weeds. We can help guide your digital steps as you work out your own digital strategy.

Complimentary Local SEO Audit

Send over some quick information about your company and we’ll send you a free comprehensive overview report of your local SEO including search rankings, local listings, reviews, on-site SEO, and social media. We’ll add a couple of tips to point you in the right direction, and like a sensitive stomach, keep spam out of it.

Our Mission: Make Friends & Grow Businesses

If you were to take a microscope to our cells you’d find two little building blocks that enliven everything we do: menschiness, and testing. We’re all human so we’ll treat you like one; we strive to be the thumbs up to your crying LOL emoji. 

 One day we hope that there will be a time when every company has a magic marketing button that when they press sales start pouring in through the windows. Until then, we don our lab coats, look at the data, test, learn from the results, and repeat. 


Recent Work


  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Google & Social Ads

Success Stories

We love working with Diehard Digital. They are very thorough in giving us what we ask for and then showing us so much more! Their professional attitudes and talents are a much valued asset to our company.

Wendy Parker

Marketing Manager , The Falls Event Center

I have been a client of DIeHard for years. They have worked through the toughest of times and have always proven to be innovative, knowledgeable, professional, flexible and most importantly – effective! They continue to produce results and are great fun to work with while they do it. They are my digital marketing partners for life.

Neal Bergstrom

Founder & CEO, Lagom

Choosing The DieHard Team is one of the best marketing decisions I have made. I am constantly impressed with their attention to detail and the adaptive strategies they use to market my business.
Alan Clegg

Owner, Wasatch Shutter Design

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