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Drive sales through digital strategies that convert.

We turn business owners into market leaders through cross-industry digital strategies that ignite growth.


As a business owner, you most likely get frustrated by seeing marketing dollars going out and not seeing much of a difference in bottom-line results. When you try to figure it out yourself, you end up getting lost in endless rabbit holes of reports, analytics, and tutorials. Luckily the problem isn’t you – it’s your strategy. 

At DieHard not only do you enjoy a free 30-minute digital strategy session and plenty of Dad jokes, but we also come to the table, homework in hand, with available options and advice on the best path forward. 




Schedule a quick strategy call to assess your current challenges and see how we might help.


Fill out a simple 5-minute form so we can make it a productive meeting.


After the meeting we’ll send over our initial tips as well as recommendations on how we might work together.

Our Mission: Make Friends & Grow Businesses

If you were to take a microscope to our cells you’d find two little building blocks that enliven everything we do: menschiness, and testing. We’re all human so we’ll treat you like one; we strive to be the thumbs up to your crying LOL emoji. 

 One day we hope that there will be a time when every company has a magic marketing button that when they press sales start pouring in through the windows. Until then, we don our lab coats, look at the data, test, learn from the results, and repeat. 




  • Launched in 2019
  • Stayed open during COVID while other venues shut down
  • Have 3x their revenue in 3 years of working with us
  • Started with ~1 lead / day and now enjoy avg. ~4 leads / day
  • By January 2023 they had 0 open Saturdays for 2023
  • Grew market share and are currently outperforming legacy competitors in the area 

Success Stories

We love working with Diehard Digital. They are very thorough in giving us what we ask for and then showing us so much more! Their professional attitudes and talents are a much valued asset to our company.

Wendy Parker

Marketing Manager , The Falls Event Center

I have been a client of DIeHard for years. They have worked through the toughest of times and have always proven to be innovative, knowledgeable, professional, flexible and most importantly – effective! They continue to produce results and are great fun to work with while they do it. They are my digital marketing partners for life.

Neal Bergstrom

Founder & CEO, Lagom

Choosing The DieHard Team is one of the best marketing decisions I have made. I am constantly impressed with their attention to detail and the adaptive strategies they use to market my business.
Alan Clegg

Owner, Wasatch Shutter Design

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