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Recent Work

Danielle Oakey

Facebook Ads

Offering the finest handmade luxury throw pillows this side of the Mississippi, we took a conservative annual ad spend of $12k and turned it into $130k in revenue from Facebook Campaigns.

The Monarch Venues

SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Launching a new event venue on the cusp of a global pandemic may not seem ideal. We took on the challenge and helped them pivot their digital strategy and grow their market share while competitors stagnated. From the beginning of the pandemic in March until November 2020 we’ve driven an average 112 leads / month.

Sonnet James

SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads

Getting their full investment amount on Shark Tank, these play-friendly dresses are a must-have for young mothers. Across our digital efforts, we helped them generate $781k in revenue on an ad spend of $51k.

Wasatch Shutter Design

SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Increasing property value across northern Utah, these seasoned woodworkers have their craft down to a science and have hundreds of 5-star reviews to back them up. In 2019, we noticed a trend in the data that suggested to redesign. After doing so, they were in a prime spot in 2020 when they saw record-breaking leads and local competitors sink in the rankings. For the past 3 years, they’ve seen an average of 74 leads / month from our digital efforts.

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