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When it comes to call-to-action buttons (CTA), every company has their own way of standing out. Some companies use color or white space to stand out while others appeal to their audience’s emotions, which leads one to question how to strategically create a CTA that will help propel your digital marketing efforts? The the most important step of the whole process lies with knowing your objective and understanding your target audience.

CTA buttons are commonly found on homepages and address specific actions for users to take. These go beyond a typical “sign-in” button. CTA buttons are strategic and used to produce conversions. This helps companies increase the number of users on an email list or the number (and value) of items in their shopping cart.

CleverTap’s list of fifteen exemplary call-to-action buttons is an excellent guide for deciding on a strategy for your company. Among this list are Spotify, Coca-Cola, and Airbnb. A strategy Spotify uses in their CTA buttons is the use of bold color. One of their landing pages reads the value proposition: “Millions of songs. Free on Spotify.” This is followed by three call-to-action buttons: “Sign up free”, “Continue with Facebook”, and “Log in”. Spotify uses contrasting colors (green, blue, and white on a dark purple gradient) to make their CTA buttons jump off the page. Pairing bright colors with a contrasting background can generate high click-through rates.

In addition to color, Spotify shows a clear understanding of their objective and target audience. Some can easily decipher Spotify’s objective as recruiting new users. This is apparent because they offer multiple ways to create a Spotify account. This specific landing page allows users to create an account through the app itself by clicking “Sign up free” and through Facebook by clicking “Continue with Facebook”. Including a “Continue with Facebook” CTA button reveals Spotify is targeting people with social media accounts.

Spotify is just one example of a company that uses color to make their CTA buttons stand out. For example, Airbnb utilizes white space instead of contrasting colors to make their CTA button pop.

To conclude, whether you use color or white space there is no silver bullet when creating a CTA button. Remember it starts with understanding your goals and audience. Once you establish these, your CTA eureka moment will soon follow!

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